Pothecary 2014I work in stoneware and porcelain, fired at high temperatures in an electric kiln. I am investigating the infinite possibilities of bottle forms and have been making wall installations I call Pothecaries. Each bottle is unique yet all share a basic form. I arrange them in patterns and rhythms to produce the aesthetic effect I am looking for. They are named after chemical elements in the order of their atomic number in homage to Walter White.

I’ve also been exploring the enigmatic world of Japanese tea bowls with a series of works called Teashells. I often make the shells while watching television – they are done by touch and feel rather than by using my eyes. The new series of Teashells are named after Japanese emperors. I like the contrast between the ritualised refinement of the tea ceremony and the heightened emotions on screen.

I’m happy to work to commission and specialise in making lamps and other decorative work for interior designers. My design clients include Todhunter Earle, Rose Uniacke, Guy Goodfellow & Tarquin Bilgen who stocks lamps in his shop in Ebury Street.